Better Block Cuatro

  • Identity
  • Poster
  • Map
  • Pop-Up Shop

Better Block just celebrated its fourth birthday and to commemorate the event Jason Roberts and his team staged Better Block Cuatro at the exact intersection where it all started — Tyler and Seventh Street in Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas.

Inspired by local tire shops and hand-painted signage Lilco created the hand-rendered event identity. The posters and maps were both letterpress printed.

As a part of Better Block Cuatro artists were given empty store fronts and invited to create an art space, store or gallery. Lilco and artists Kael Alford and Marla Teyolia established Studio Fresca — a print shop, photography studio and agua frescas bar. 

Faced with not only filling an entire store but also wanting to create a buzz — we contacted illustrator and lettering wizard Kyle Steed. Kyle designed the windows and with the help of Kim they hand-painted all the signage.

To learn more about Better Block and their mission please visit their site.