We are makers, collaborators, printers,
tinkerers, doers and mess makers.
We design, letter, paint, illustrate and print.

Lily Smith+Kirkley, Owner & Creative Director

Lilco (lil-co) is owned and operated by Lily Smith+Kirkley. Lily is a native Texan and graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, Maryland. With ten years of design experience, Lily has worked for companies both large and small, including Tsang Seymour (NY), Bergdorf Goodman (NY), Neiman Marcus (TX), The Matchbox Studio (TX), Fossil (TX) and Banowetz + Co (TX).

In 2003, Lily and her partner, artist Kim Cadmus Owens, moved to Brooklyn where they lived and worked for three years. In 2006 they returned to Texas, and Lily bought her first press, a Vandercook SP-15. Initially Lilco was launched as a side project, but after winning the Scion/Motivate contest in February 2013, Lily has put all her eggs in one basket and now runs Lilco full-time. 

Besides working, Lily enjoys swimming, dumpster diving and running.

Kim Cadmus Owens, Technical Director

Artist Kim Cadmus Owens generously shares her studio space with Lilco and has been caught sneaking press time more than once. Born and raised in Texas, Kim received her MFA in Art from Towson University near Baltimore, Maryland, and her BFA in Painting and Drawing from the San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco, California.

Kim brings a unique skill-set to Lilco in that she approaches things from a fine art perspective, has engineering in her blood, and has been known to be a great conceptual conspirator. In addition to getting roped into Lilco projects, Kim is Associate Professor of Art in Painting at the University of Dallas.

Check out Kim’s work: www.kimcadmusowens.com

Leica, Quality Control & General Smarty-Pants

Leica is a five-year-old red heeler mix whom we rescued from a shelter in Denton, Texas. She loves long walks, does not tug on the leash, and eats vegetables. Leica knows a lot of tricks — including high-five — but not licking new friends isn’t one of them.

Olive, Security Supervisor & Court Jester

Olive is a four-year-old terrier/beagle mix who came to us by way of PetSmart — we went for dog food and came home with her. Can you blame us? Olive can come off as ferocious — hence her title — but it’s only because she loves her family so much.